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Warning signs for speech and language disorders
in school age children:

Receptive language/understanding

   difficulty following directions
   needs instructions repeated several times
   needs personal set of instructions
   unable to answer questions relevantly
   seems unable to attend to verbal information

Expressive language

   unable to express thoughts and ideas coherently
   has limited vocabulary
   unable to remain on one subject when talking

Social language

   talks out of turn
   unaware of social rules for communication
   difficulty starting and ending a conversation
   poor eye contact or posture during interactions

Autism - Signs and symptoms:

Child has little or no eye contact and seems to be in his/her own world

Child shows significant deficiencies in imaginative play, communication and social skills, and repeats certain movements, words or phrases.

Child has significant language problems, a lack of interest in people, obsessive preoccupations and interests, and difficulty with sensory stimuli

Signs of autism are often present before age three. 

Psychological and medical assessment is necessary for diagnosis. autism is primarily diagnosed by observing the child's behavior.

Early diagnosis is important since early intervention has shown to improve communication and overall functioning in children with Autism.

Autism is a "spectrum" disorder, which means that the degree of impairment can be mild to severe.

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